Landscape Ecology Labs

These Landscape Ecology labs were taught winter quarter 2015 at the Bren School, UCSB. Originally posted in a private online courseware GauchoSpace. Quickly posting this content for NEON spatio-temporal data hackathon.

For an overview of the course, see the syllabus.


Used Rmarkdown to weave instructions with data preparation for various external software and post-process outputs into tables and visualizations.

Instructions. Per lab (eg lab2), download lab*.zip and extract. It will extract to a folder with the same name (eg to folder lab2_scale). Download the other lab files, especially lab*.html and lab*.Rmd, into this same extracted folder. You can most easily read the instructions in lab*.html. Except for the first lab, you will edit the lab*.Rmd in RStudio and run code to prepare the data and process outputs.

  1. Introduction: Touring Landcover using ArcGIS


  2. Scale: Quantifying Landcover Changes in Time and Space using R


  3. Agents: Physical Controls on Vegetation using ArcGIS


  4. Metrics: Measuring edge effects in the landscape using FragStats


  5. Disturbance: Simulating fire regimes on forests using LANDIS


  6. Species: Species distribution modeling using Maxent


  7. Connectivity: Connectivity modeling using Circuitscape


  8. Communities: Quantifying species diversity using Vegan in R


  9. Planning: Conservation planning using Marxan